7 Signs you’re A Fashion Victim

Being a trend follower is a good thing but being a crazy for the same isn’t that great. It is true that every one should have a fashion trend sense but not every trend looks great on every person that’s why sometimes it’s better to wear what you like and not to follow the fashion rather than being a fashion victim. 


Here are seven signs that show you are a fashion victim:

 You wear uncomfortable clothes: being a fashion victim you don’t care how the dress is looking on you or suits your body type or not, you just buy it because it is in trend.

• You wear outfits that don’t suit your body shape: every single person has different type of body shape and not every cloth is made for you. Having a bloat belly and wearing tight denim skirt shows you are a fashion victim.

• You adjust your body according to the latest trend: Adjusting the body according to the latest trend is another sign you are a fashion victim.

• You wear past trends: If you continue to wear a past trend, you might be a fashion victim.

• You wear too much of a trend: wearing a lot of things together seems to be overwhelming. A fashion victim often wears such clothes just to get more attention.

 You wear inappropriate outfits for your age: age factor really matters in case of trends. 

 You buy things because your best friend is buying it too: If your best friend bought a really beautiful backless dress and you go ahead and purchase it too without thinking whether this dress will fit you or whether you have money to buy it, you are a fashion victim.

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