Why Do We Love Streetstyle So Much?

Streetstyle is everywhere and it is the main subject of a number of famous blogs like Fashiontoast, Sartorialist and many more. With all the blogs, photos and attention surrounding it, we had to ask ourselves this question- Why do we love street style so much?

 It is being celebrated in the popular publications like Vogue and the New York Times and street style finds a good place in social media conversations in Twitter, Pininterest, Instagram and other popular social platforms. Street style has become so much popular in past few years that it has become impossible to keep yourself away from this popular fashion trend. 

Let us discuss a brief history of street style. Street style has evolved due to the result of various groups: hippies, hipsters and Goths who always dressed to stand out from the crowd. It was the authentic style of them that grabbed our attention and transformed the street style into a catwalk. Now the street style is a bridge between everyday people and the big brands and they capture their 10 minutes of fame when they have featured on a brand’s website.

 Street style has opened doors for a number of bloggers and with the current rate of popularity it will keep on opening doors for a number of people who have a passion for fashion. Street style is the easiest way for the people to share awesome outfits they have put together with just a click of the button and share it to the rest of the world.

Street style has become a fashion culture and now it has grown into a large community. With the social media and smart phone culture booming, people can see street style fashion anytime and anywhere.


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