Choosing A Right Prfume Which Suits Your Personality

Our body chemistry is unique and same perfume will smell a bit different depending on the body chemistry of the person wearing it. Similarly a perfume smells different when sprayed on a card and different on skin. Therefore it is very important to choose a right perfume suiting your personality which smells nice on your body. Here are the tips to choose the right perfume suiting your personality and body type.


Consider your skin type- For dry skin consider a concentrated perfume that will stay for long since in dry skin the perfume dissipates more.

Sporty and Outdoor person  If you like to live outdoors or a sporty person, consider a fresh, citrus fragrance perfume. Citrus fragrance suits your personality and you can also choose herbaceous ones.

Elegant  Are you going to black-tie parties on the weekends? Then oriental fragrances are the best options. These are rich and long last for hours. A floral oriental can be a good choice or consider a woody oriental fragrance.

All-American  If you are handsome and a playful guy then fresh, water perfumes are good options. Your fragrance should be challenging but not overwhelming a room.

A modern and sophisticated person  You are a guy who likes the latest clothing fashion trends and keep on changing fitted trousers to Jeans to Euro shoes any day. Well, crisp and fresh smelling perfumes are perfect for you. Use some sweet floral fragrances and you are the winner of the party!

A girl next door  Are you a little sexy, a little shy but overall a girl whom anyone can take to her Mom? You are a girl next door for everyone and fresh and clean perfumes are ideal for you. Woody notes are also good options and bring sex appeal for shy girls.


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