Things That Put Guys Off On The First Date

If you are just not managing to get passed the first date with any guy then maybe you should go through this check list and honestly ask yourself if you are guilty of any of these relationship sins. It could be a simple thing that stops guys going on to the next step and it could probably be corrected quite easily. Different men are attracted by different things but there are some things which ALL men (looking for a relationship not just casual sex) will find off putting. 


Looks do Count  You can’t change overnight from a casual dresser to a fashionista, short to tall, fat to thin or get rid of the spots on your face. And that’s ok because a good man will look passed the superficial and love you for yourself. However every man will appreciate it if you are clean, have washed your hair, smell fresh and are dressed in clean, ironed and appropriate clothing for the date venue.

Men and Money   It doesn’t matter how well you think you are getting on with him DON’T ask how much he earns or show too much interest in his bank account. Men with money like to show off about it but there is a point at which women that are too eager to hear about his riches become offensive. Likewise don’t divulge too much of your financial woes. If he finds out on the first date that you are up to your eye balls in debt and spend all your money on shoes it will not inspire him to call the next morning. The same goes for financially successful women. You can tell him about your job as a top executive, your house that you bought yourself and your new car but remember not to overdo it.  


Look for the Good  When you meet a man you will notice good and bad things about his personality, attitude and appearance. At least for your first date concentrate on the good things. Don’t pick him apart pointing out all his flaws. No man wants a nag for a girlfriend or wife. If the date is not perfect at least give him props for effort. Just as you would rather he told you how great your hair looks rather than how wide your seat is, do the same for him. Admiration is a valuable tool in getting from date one to date two.

Mind that Attitude  Many advice pages will tell you not to be a drama queen, not be too clingy, not be too demanding, too quiet, don’t play hard to get, don’t be too easy, don’t act entitled or overbearing. But the truth is you want someone who will love you for who you are and you don’t want to have to change for a man – so be yourself. Instead of trying to tailor-make your personality to suit your date just remember these rules: Don’t send mixed messages, if you like him you like him so don’t play games and communicate openly and honestly.

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